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CARS Information Display

Considerable effort went into the information display capabilities of the CARS application. Situations can be viewed using a zoomable map, or a text-based situation list. Both can be filtered to look at incidents in the past, present and future as well as by group. The situation list is color-coded for clarity and can be sorted using a wide range of criteria.

The CARS map display shown below allows users to quickly identify incidents locally or state wide. The “Map Settings” button can be used to filter the incidents that appear on the map. Clicking on an incident icon pops up a description of the incident and allows for editing or deletion.

The CARS situation list shown below offers many of the same features as the map display, but allows additional sorting capabilities. Entries are also color-coded for easier reading. The “brief descriptions” option allows users to limit incidents to a very succinct report for a quick overview.

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