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CARS data entry is based upon the premise that someone, somewhere within the state has or will soon have knowledge of all major events. The idea of CARS is to make data entry easy simple and quick in order to allow for input from as many authorized individuals as possible. The CARS system has been carefully designed to easily leverage the information gathering power of statewide DOT personnel. Using standard Internet connections, CARS allows entry form any Internet ready computer. Users either click on the display map or select route intersections to identify locations. Situations are described by selecting phrases from the National Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) to avoid manual typing and the chance for typos. All information entered is brought together in a robust database solution that can quickly disseminate information to the traveling public or others within the State agency.

CARS is a client-server application based on Java technology. The web-based interface supports entry of construction, accidents, traffic, events, road weather conditions and much more. The interface itself is flexible and can be tailored to specific purposes to better suit the needs of the various users. CARS can even take advantage of existing ITS monitoring systems to automate the data entry process.

Interface Examples:

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